The Big Balls Book Club – The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston

The Making of Donald Trump

The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston – Which I had to post AFTER I’d got back from New York.  Not that I’m paranoid or nowt, but…

Warning: Spoilers

This should be subtitled ‘Johnston Sticks the Boot In’.  Journalist David Cay Johnston has known Trump for over twenty eight years and has built up a fair few facts about his shady shenanigans over the years and his propensity for outright bullshit, and sets about putting matters straight in regards reminding people – and other journalists especially – that Trump’s imaginative rendering of ‘facts’ as he perceives them has been going on for as long as the tiny handed orange man has been around.

Johnston deals in facts he can back up.  He doesn’t have time for rumour, hearsay, or tittle-tattle which can’t be backed up with solid evidence, which means this study into is free from the sort of tabloid gossip which could scupper a good take-down of the man, and one of the subjects which keeps cropping up over the years is Trump’s propensity for making any shit up which reflects well on him and his paper thin skin.  Trump has a thirst for revenge.  This is the sort of character defect you usually find in dictatorships.  Throughout the examples listed in ‘The Making’ we get a litany of snipes against anyone who did the man wrong, including cutting off funding to his disabled nephew due to his father attempting to gain some of the family wealth after being left out of the  will.

Another glaring beacon of the defective nature of Donald Trump’s ego is the length he’ll go to propagate lies to his advantage, such as when he intimated that he was more than just good friend with Carla Bruni, which led her to retort ‘Trump is obviously a lunatic’.  Trump has also previously boasted of having ‘the greatest memory’, which has the ability to fail him whenever litigation rears its head.  Maybe it’s the accumulation of twenty eight years’ experience into a concise 200 plus pages which makes his character seem like a bizarre caricature of the rampaging egotist, but considering his declarations once he had his hands on The Button I don’t think so.

It’s the facts which make this book.  Johnston says in the introduction that he’s accumulated so much background material on Trump that he had to hire a storage depot to keep it all in, so you can be pretty sure the facts he states in the book can be backed up, which probably explains why Trump hasn’t sued regarding Johnston’s claims that he’s linked to the mafia through third parties.


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