Stop it!

Hola!  Day one of Brexit Bullshit and the flags are already waving high and mighty from the withered masts which barely keep the priapism of the right-wing press on a semi-lob on.

The Scum just…  I don’t know, really.  What ARE they doing?  Are they trying to hold the UK hostage?  Are they intimating that the UK has now gone rogue, started wearing a mask over it’s face, and is holding up the EU carriages at the crossroads for trinkets?  Which will probably happen because once the UK opts out of the EU we’ll be fucked for trade deals, allowing the EU to laugh in our stupid faces.  ‘Trade with us and we’ll help fight terror’.  So, it’s bribery now!  Stupid cunts.


The Torygraph are waving the same old wrinkled dicks in the face of common sense, with the statement that there is ‘jubilation as Article 50 is finally served’.  Which is blatant bullshit.  The only jubilation knocking about was in the minds of the diseased monkeys who voted Brexit, bless their confused, blundering souls.  Luckily for the twinset and grouse shooting brigade who read the Torygraph, Boris Johnson is on hand in a side column, ready to assuage their fears and splutter some meaningless drivel about backing Britain and going global and farting gold and taming unicorns made of bollocks and wank.  You know what he’s like, the clueless, dribbling smegma.


The Arsepress, weirdly enough, are not the most blitheringly patriotic pile of old granny helmets today, content with merely printing a picture of an utter cunt on their front page as he holds a pint and some toilet paper.  According to their diseased minds the whole Brexit thing was their idea, and anyone whom disagrees smells of wee.  They are unstable.


The Mule has gone Full Cunt Biscuit today with a big splash of Knobend Number One on their front page, toasting anyone unfortunate enough to view his mangled visage and grinning like he’s just sat on the biggest cock known to man.  There follows some utter fucking utter bollocks old shit about ‘Cheers to a Great British Suicide’ and some cunt about the EU wailing about trade deals and all that wank, which is utter, utter, utter lies.  The Daily Mail, and anyone who reads it, are diseased, gibbering buckets of amphibious shit.  On the plus side, it makes it easier to spot an utter cunt in a crowd if they’re carrying this pile of old Der Sturmer bollocks.



One thought on “Stop it!

  1. Sat on the biggest cock known to man ! Pmsl.Alan Bennett eat your heart out lmao.Would love to see Farage actually getting that !

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