Brexit and Racism – An Intellectual Discourse With Swears

This is either life before Brexit according to Remainers or life after Brexit according to Brexiteers


 Quick!  How do you spot a racist!?  They’re the ones who voted Brexit!!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Which is obviously a load of old bollocks, but it does seem to be the prevailing attitude amongst the Remainers, no doubt helped by the fact that the whole campaign was driven by rhetoric straight of the Right Wing Campaigning Rule Book For Brown Shirted Cunts, and because the bastards who were leading the Brexit charge seemed to be a rabble of jingoistic, flag waving cock monkeys ever so willing to play the race-hate card if it would garner them a push in the right direction.

However, I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the whole concept of every Brexiteer being a swivel eyed loon, content to live in their own filth whilst flinging turds at anyone who looks slightly foreign.  They’re not all wall-eyed buckets of clown-faced piss.  Some of them voted to get out of the EU because of deeply held political beliefs about institutional corruption within Brussels, and some of them voted to leave because the space alien that lives in their winnets told them of untold riches which would await them once the borders were closed, but enough about Ian Duncan-Smith.

The worst part about being one of these poor bastards is they have to forever live with the reality that they aligned themselves with the likes of Michael Gove, George Galloway, and the massed ranks of the gaggling racists who seemed to pop up in every pub conversation about keeping Them Foreigns out every time someone mentions the referendum.  On the other hand, The Ramainers had to contend with siding with cunts like David Cameron, George Osborne, and the pixies that live in their bellend shading the world as black and white because someone had an opposing viewpoint to theirs.  The fact that the voting public was split almost 50/50 on the issue says a lot.

To tar everyone with the same feather is as redundant a concept as the flat earth, which goes for people on both sides of the argument.  What the Brexit vote did was bring the bubbling undercurrent of racism in the UK to the surface, and any fucker who believes it was some sort of benign utopia before the referendum is living in a world of gumdrop smiles and puppydog dreams. Brexit has brought those views to the surface and made it easier to spot the fuckers.  At the same time, there has to be an understanding that not everyone who voted Brexit is a racist or unconsciously propped up the cause of racism, as this brings further divides into the equation and denies them their individuality.

People are complex.  And fucking mad, but that’s another story.  The Brexit friends I have don’t harbour racist views, and some of them actively fight against racism – they just don’t agree with the European Union.  They’re fucking wrong, mind you, but you can’t have everything.  Fact is the EU has been a force of progress as well as being stupidly corrupt and dictatorial – just take a look at their reaction to the financial crises in Greece and the terms imposed upon the poor bastards for evidence – and when progressives like Dennis Skinner are voicing opposition to the Union you have to ask yourself ‘are the arguments as clear as Remainers promote?’.

For me, a European Union brings stronger ties with countries we were lobbing shells at under a century ago.  It’s brought peace, healthy trade, an influx of culture and diversity and human rights.  Although I don’t agree with those who voted Brexit, I can understand their reasons, and can consider both sides of the argument, as should both sides at all times.  And then, once peace has been bridged between the opposing ideologies, we can all gang up together and kick the fucking shit out of Nigel Farage.  What a cunt.


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