The Corner – Hand Over the Zlottys, Quisling!

After a short break, The Corner IS BACK! Bigger! Brighter! Swearier! With more ‘V’s flicked at newspapers than EVER BEFORE!

Well, in actual fact it’s the same old cak, but from tomorrow The Corner will be swearing about a wider range of topics rather than just the right wing political gonads the main papers knock out. F’rinstance, The Daily Arsepress usually knock out some old todge about nutty health schemes with no scientific basis, so they’ll be getting a kicking. The Mirror recently published some old Diana tosh, so it’s a chucklesome boot to the head for them buggers as well, if they should choose to stir my wrath! FOR I AM THE GOD OF TRUTH, AND ALL SHALL TREMBLE BEFORE MY FURY!! Not that I’m egotistical or anything…

Anyway, only one culprit today, and it’s those old mirth-bastards The Express. In today’s shit-heap it’s back to their favourite subject – hating the EU, and their scurrilous demands that the UK cough up the moolah they borrowed from them in the first place. They’re not just going “Yeah, fack off, Blighty – if you don’t want to play in our footie team anymore you’ll have to stump up some major trousers, know what I mean, you slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags!” No, this is money owed to them.


As per usual the normal slate of Tory MPs are up in arms and ready to engage in a bit of jingoistic bollocks, just so they can show Johnny Punter that they should vote for the small-minded arse-cakes next time an election looms. There’s some old horse-shit about senior backbenchers futilely shaking their weakling fists at the machinations of government, but basically it’s a load of old badger’s wang. Just another chance for Desmond to vent his spleen at the idea of being a multicultural society and being stronger through the union of countries which spent a good few years of the last century lobbing bombs at each other rather than negotiating.



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