The Corner – Jesus Christ! Life!? Bladdy hell!

Well, life is pretty depressing this morning, with the news that the coppers hired a rapist to trap a sex gang. Yeah, sure, hire a thief to catch a thief, but fucking hell! Is there any wacky, zany madcap news out there which can make life seem a little less bastard well depressing?


So, The Express are no bloody good, with the reminder that a deranged gimp-clown is in charge of a big pile of nukes and is just waiting to start kicking some foreign bottom (depending on where you live, this could refer to Trump, Kim, or both. Actually, both, come to think of it. They’re short, fat, and bluddy well mad!!)

Richard Desmond’s sewer rag turns out to be no help at all, so maybe we could turn to a paper well known for trivial cak and pointless stories about celebs?


Nope. The Star has just reminded me of the empty, yawning vacuity of life, and the fact that this kind of relentless cak makes up most of the viewing choices on today’s TV. I mean, why can’t they have anything thought-provoking and intellectual on the teev anymore, like a documentary about a man who can eat his own head, or a fourteen-hour documentary about puppies playing? Or baby-juggling? With a voice-over by Melvyn Bragg to give it some art-house kudos, obviously.

Well, the Financial Bastard Times might have something unrelated to depressing shit, mental global politics, or celebs slapping each other about?


If you think about it, those words don’t ACTUALLY mean anything. It’s more a random collection of adjectives in search of a subject.

Oh well, back to the usual old depressing cak tomorrow. Gord ‘elp us!


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