The Corner – The Daily Express Suck Many Of Your Earth Balls

Just a quick one today (ooer, missus, fnarr, etc) as The Daily Arsepress report on Donald Trump being a total nutjiob. Now, as all know Trump is about as sane as a bag full of mad badgers, so that’s not really the point of this column. Reporting on Trump being bonkers mental would be about as revelatory as reporting that Michael Gove was a total cunt, or George Osborne was originally grown in a petri dish. No – the main point of this little article is to draw your attention to the box-in beside the main headline, which reports that ‘Now migrants are hauled out of cars’.


It may be a refugee. It may be somebody fleeing from terror, torture, war, social or sexual victimisation, or generally something rather unpleasant. It may be somebody fleeing from the harsh social economics of their place of birth. It may be all manner of things, but The Arsepress decide that they hate migrants, because they’re a bunch if bigoted shit puppets, and have gone for the ‘Cor, lumme – look what they’re up too now’ style reportage.

In this reporter’s opinion, there are some people who should not have any access to the means of mass distribution, and Richard Desmond is one of those people. And Paul Dacre. And Rupert Murdoch. And (goes on forever).


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