The Corner – 14/12/17 – Go To Bed With No Supper!

Posted: December 14, 2017 in The CC, Uncategorized

Hah! Facking genius! The Mail have decided to become the nation’s scolding nanny in their headlines this morning, with this pursed lip, finger wagging shite of a headliner which makes me think Paul Dacre wears horn-rimmed glasses and likes to tut disparagingly at things:


For the Brexit bastards who have been banging on about sovereignty, they sure don’t fucking like it when some is actually practiced. This headline is so full of tight-arsed shrewishness I can’t even think where to begin when it comes to ripping the piss out it. By the looks of things, Dacre and his homunculus tribe of gibbering fuck-bollocks who write for this toilet paper are going to be on the witch-hunt for the Tory rebels, once more proving that these arseholes hate the idea of democracy, especially when it flicks two fingers up at their far-right agenda.


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