The Corner – 15/12/17 – Weird Racism

It’s coming up to Christmas, so what better way to kick off the season proper than a good bit of wanky old Yuman Roights Gorn Mad bullshit from The Mule:


The fact that the bulk of the story contains the phrase ‘suspected terrorist’ make me ponder in a chin-strokey manner that this story may contain elements of bullshit, and is just another excuse for Paul Dacre and his scurrying sewer mutants to have a go at the concept of ‘human rights’, because if he had his way Dacre would return to a land of kids up chimneys and regular beatings for paups by the coppers.

The Scum, on the other hand, have a stab at that old stalwart of right wing shite, the benefits mum:


The mum in question actually saved carefully throughout the year to build up enough cash to give her kids a good Chrimbo, but that’s not good enough for The Scum, who claim she ‘confessed’ (i.e., answered questions from the reporter) to ‘blowing £2,000 quid on presents’. It really is the shit wank of all cunty papers, and that definitely IS swearing. The fact that the fuckers have got her to pose for the front page leads me to think they’ve duped a story out of her under false pretences.

Anyway, the weird racism part:


Are we supposed to hate Australians now?

Someone should tell the geniuses at The Star that the UK is swept with a cold flu epidemic every year, the feckless malcontents.


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